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"It's been my absolute pleasure working with the West Reach Family. We had our fair share of challenge and opportunities but in the end we won together as a team and delivered a world class facility, second to none in the world to RTRC/PW.  Thank you for all your support, I hope it continues and we have another opportunity to work together on another major project."

- Bill Corbett, Project Manager of MDS Aero (part of RTRC)

" West Reach rose above and beyond to assist me to develop the scope of work based on numerous unknown existing conditions.  The West Reach crew and the sub-contractors -specifically Pasquariello Electric and Red Hawk- took on the challenge and executed the plan flawlessly.  For this team to construct and deliver a fully functioning secure room data center in 7 weeks from bidding to turn over is amazing. 

Cheryl Nicholas, Project Manager of Pratt & Whitney Facilities & Services

"In my thirty-odd years in this business, I have rarely been as impressed with a company's personnel as I was with Scott and Gary of West Reach.  Their competent professionalism manifested in their tenant fit-out work for Rite Aid, as well as in the largely corrective work done for us, was duly noted and sincerely appreciated."

Terrence M. Cooke, President of Phoenix Management Corp.

"The work came out better than I could hope for, please thank Mark and Scott. Scott had some unexpected conditions and did a great job dealing with them."

- Robert Witkewicz, Construction Manager representing Pratt & Whitney

"This was a special project for us as we are working to provide affordable housing for income eligible owner-occupants.  The finished product is great and the buyer is very happy due,in no small measure, to the extra effort by West Reach Construction.  We are very grateful for West Reach's attention to detail and your willingness, as well as Mark's, to return a number of times to complete items that were not included in the original scope of work."

- Lisa Trombly, President of Manchester Interfaith Corporation

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West Reach Construction Company, Inc.

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